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Gino De Blasio, Freelance Writer, Content Marketer & Presenter

My Services



What I do, in short

I am an experienced freelance content marketer, writer and strategic market consultant based in Chester, Cheshire, who loves getting businesses to see new opportunities and maximise their potential through engaging content and thought-out marketing strategies.

Whether you are an SME or international business I work with businesses of all sizes across the UK and Europe – with a rare mixture of domestic awareness, developing ideas in the target language, creativity, business goals and market strategy.

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What I do, in more detail

I love to write but, I am also a communicator. Through words, targeted copy and clever marketing I am always communicating; whether that’s a product, a person, a service, a place or simply a thought. The aim is simple, get through to your specific audience which communicates with them on their terms, leveraging attention to you, your business, your brand. 

I write everything from web copy to blogs, ad scripts to social media posts, press releases and brochures through to exclusive one piece promotional books and publications. Where your audience is, is where you want to be; you want their attention in as many ways as possible and knowing where that attention is and having the compelling content to go with it is where my service has a place in your overall marketing and media goals.

It has become even more important in recent years to be aware of the platforms that people integrate with and how they’re finding you. Awareness is the golden bullet, especially in today’s media heavy mix of businesses. It’s why my work is integral to good search results as well. I’ve spent years extolling the virtues of search, and how content marketing combined with high creative execution is essential for businesses to really see a difference in how their brand is not only perceived, but how potential customers will ultimately interact. 

As a former speechwriter at the EU I came across swathes of information on a daily basis; as a creative in ad and marketing agencies I saw the challenges that change brings to company messaging, and as a business owner myself, I understand that business is about making decisions that look at effects in the short, medium and long term. It’s why I also bring brand and digital marketing consultancy as a service to my clients; having another pair of eyes to see potential solutions is never a bad thing – let’s be honest – and fundamentally, help in your business success. 


What I Offer

Content Marketing

This is marketing in today’s digital world. I work with businesses developing their content marketing strategy, holding workshops and taking them through each phase of this digital marketing landscape. 

Copywriting (Killer Copy!)

From on-page blogs to editorial feature pieces, brochures and magazine content I create crisp, on-brief writing that maximises your brand voice and speaks to your audience.


I was once thrown onto stage for a band, and then to present awards, I’ve not stopped to be honest. If you have an industry event that needs someone to take the reins, present ideas and generally get people interacting and engaged, I can do that.

Editorial Content & Outreach

Being able to craft great stories is part of the equation, but knowing how to get that content in front of editors at newspapers, big audience blogs or to influencers is the other half that is forgotten. All of the above are searching and craving for unique content, I provide a service that puts you and your business in front of these decision makers.


Content that matches the local area, an international audience and one that is translated by a human and not through a machine – that’s what will separate you from your competitors and make you recognised to your target audience.

Social Media Management

Social media is no longer guesswork, it’s a mixture of art and science. That’s where detailed analysis, testing and getting your content in front of your audience to bring return on investment is key. Get in touch to discuss.

Brand Consultancy

Who are you, what are you trying to communicate and who are you trying to communicate to – this forms part of the branding mix that goes across all media communications. From social media to editorial articles, your brand has to stand out and be consistent. That’s where I can help.

Targeted Distribution

If content is king, distribution is the kingdom! It’s no good just having great, creative content. It’s a lot more than that. Understanding how you can maximise your audience and where to do it can make the difference. From paid campaigns to understanding the right hashtags and developing a media strategy, that’s part of my service. 


Where I work

I’m based in Chester, Cheshire and offer my full suite of services across the North West and, in fairness, wherever my clients are based. I have clients in Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool and even internationally like Milan, Rome, Madrid and even Toronto. 

We live in a time when we have all the devices and technology to communicate, and my service is such that I can be on the end of call, video conference or even WhatsApp group message to go through workloads and manage the process remotely. 

As I am multilingual and multi-discipline distances are rarely an issue as my service takes on a lot of interaction with my clients at the start of the process to understand what are the best ways to work and how to maximise the hours required to get the return of investment you are looking for.


They Say

Gino has an exceptional ability of managing complex marketing issues and finding solutions that meet commercial needs. From my own personal portfolio to 1820 Magazine, which we run the commercial aspects together - as well as Gino executing on the editorial strategy - there is no task where he doesn’t exceed expectations.

— Marco Paone

1820 Magazine/Peacock Productions, Owner

We didn’t even appreciate what content marketing was until we hired Gino for a business health check and saw the opportunities that we are missing. Now, thanks to his insights, and coupling that with his creative strategy we have the opportunity to really stand out from our national competitors and rethink our business model in our national market.

— Andrea Amato

Porte Amato 1926, Owner

Gino sat down for one coffee, and we’ve been unable to get rid of him since! But what he has also done is provide strategy for our social media and local community outreach which has helped me establish my business as not only a community specialist coffee shop, but also as coffee specialist with a significant difference in the local area.

— Nick Wells

Obscure Coffee, Owner