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Gino De Blasio, Freelance Writer, Content Marketer & Presenter

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Let's Chat

You know more about me, about the work I do and you have an idea of what I can do for you, but its always good to talk. I offer an hours free consultation to go over the specific issue or challenge you, your business faces and plan a course of action – if it is something that I think I can help you with – and take it from there. Drop me a line to find out my availability, and if you live more than a sensible commuter distance, I can happily jump on a call, internet video chat and go over what I would do face-to-face.



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They Say

We brought Gino in to give a new and unique voice to our iconic brands; he didn’t fail. A mixture of creativity and extreme lateral thinking that has seen him involved in our other major brand propositions of late which have given us a truly unique voice in a global market.

— Martina Albertazzi

Head Of Marketing, Arketipo S.R.L

From creative to commercial leveraging, Gino has absolutely smashed it out of the park for my businesses. It is rare to find the crossover in one person but what we have achieved in a short space of time has been incredible, landing contracts like HS2, the NHS and West Yorkshire Police.

— Alex Lawlor

Owner, The Yorkshire Catering Company

Gino’s editorial content and execution is exceptional. He has given ALMA a real voice in a highly competitive market through engaging storytelling and coupling our commercial goals with social media promotion through 1820 Magazine.

— Giacomo Bullo

PR Manager, The ALMA School