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Gino De Blasio, Freelance Writer, Content Marketer & Presenter

About Me



My Work History

In 2003 I spent my work placement year at the European Commission – they had me down as a translator but soon discovered that my penchant for words and how to communicate policy had other uses. It was a mixture of PR, advertising and marketing, it was all before the internet had the speeds we have today, so yes, I remember actual story boards for a new campaign or policy announcement.

After placements at multinationals and independent agencies, I returned to carry out speechwriting duties for candidates at the time and further honed a creative sensibility to communications, all with the advent of social media at the same time. (Remember when Obama had, “Yes We Can”? That long ago!)

Upon returning to the UK, I worked for some great marketing and ad agencies from Manchester to London and even spent time working in a satellite office for an agency based out of Toronto, Canada. This is where I discovered the strategic elements of marketing and communication. Good content can’t live alone, great distribution needs something to go with it. It’s where I also had a first hand insight into business strategy, moreover, I was told by a senior executive at Coca Cola, “the goal for any business is to get customers, new and old, engaged with who they are, and what they’re doing.”

Whilst it seems basic, it can be forgotten, especially in today’s fast paced world where social media seems to be the only avenue that a lot of businesses take to promote themselves. But great social media like everything else needs an identity, a strategy, and you need the kind of content that keeps people engaged.

Email marketing is still valid and dependent on your niche, it could be even more valid than a great Facebook post. Is Facebook really dead or is it attracting a different audience? Do you need to reach out to influencers or do you need to collaborate with a creative agency to provide real context to your campaigns? Do you need to focus on your web content more? Do you need to look at your SEO structure and perhaps develop this for your customer base? Would you benefit from video or a podcast?

These are the kinds of things I think about and they are what have helped me understand marketing from a client side, and agency side of work.


Going Freelance

In 2015 I took a dive into the world of freelance opportunities. It has allowed me to have a unique insight into business ownership, budgets, responsibilities and commitments which means that when you work with me, you’re working with someone that also understands how businesses work and not just numbers on a spreadsheet.

Becoming freelance has also unleashed a level of opportunity and discovery. Where an agency may have pigeon-holed me as a creative, a client may have seen me more as a strategic. The truth is that I am a bit of both, and more. I speak four languages fluently, I understand the cultural and political nuances for businesses that work in these countries but I also understand how to maximise investment into new sectors – having helped an e-commerce business in Cheshire develop a platform for winter sales in what was a predominantly summer sales orientated business.

Working alongside other great creatives and finding crossover opportunities also means that I have a network of individuals who I can call upon if your strategy requires it. Managing them, the process and who you are as a client is a unique skill to have, but one where I feel more businesses need to have that capability as well.

I have also been known to present. Whether that is on stage or on video and podcasts. Like I said, communication is what I do. Podcasting has been a great avenue to meet people whilst getting on stage makes me extremely comfortable to present your business or a days event.


In Conclusion

With over 15 years’ experience working within public and private business entities and from client-side to the agency as a freelance creative, my service provides the agency experience without the nasty price tag that goes with it.


They Say

We brought Gino in to give a new and unique voice to our iconic brands; he didn’t fail. A mixture of creativity and extreme lateral thinking that has seen him involved in our other major brand propositions of late which have given us a truly unique voice in a global market.

— Martina Albertazzi

Head Of Marketing, Arketipo S.R.L

From creative to commercial leveraging, Gino has absolutely smashed it out of the park for my businesses. It is rare to find the crossover in one person but what we have achieved in a short space of time has been incredible, landing contracts like HS2, the NHS and West Yorkshire Police.

— Alex Lawlor

Owner, The Yorkshire Catering Company

Gino’s editorial content and execution is exceptional. He has given ALMA a real voice in a highly competitive market through engaging storytelling and coupling our commercial goals with social media promotion through 1820 Magazine.

— Giacomo Bullo

PR Manager, The ALMA School